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image © Ken Wilson-Maz

The House That Mack Built

written by Susanna Leonard Hill

illustrated by Ken Wilson-Max

Simon & Schuster 

ISBN 978-0689836923

Hardcover PB 14p

Meet Mack, the construction foreman. He is building a house. Follow the construction process from start to finish with Mack's pop-up skidders, cement mixers and more.

From Publishers Weekly

Part of the Preschool Pop-Ups series, The House That Mack Built by Susanna Leonard Hill, illus. by Ken Wilson-Max, uses the classic cumulative tale to showcase the machines and people required to erect a home ("This is the cement mixer churning around/ That poured the foundation into the ground"). Pop-up construction vehicles in bright yellows and reds form the centerpiece of the full-bleed spreads printed on sturdy laminated cardboard pages.

Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Children's Literature - Eleanor Heldrich

If you are looking for a simple pop-up book, this one is a dandy. There are six double-page spreads with simple, but utterly satisfactory movements perfectly illustrating the story of Mack, a builder of houses, and the house he is building. It opens with a man operating a skidder that is picking up and carrying away huge logs cut down to make space for the house. Next there is an excavator that sits on the edge of a hole digging out the dirt. Up pops the loader to pick up the dirt pile left by the excavator. A cement mixer arrives to pour the foundation for the house. A roof man is on hand to nail down the shingles for the roof and, finally, Mack the foreman waves goodbye to accompany the text fit to the rhythm of that old favorite, "The House That Jack Built." For example, "This is Mack who told all the others what to do, including the roofer, with balance so light, who nailed down the shingles nice and tight, who..." You will find the rest of the poem and pop-ups, too, in this just-right little book. 2002, Little Simon

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